Top Local Clearwater Digital Marketing

Top Local Clearwater Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the business world. Previously reserved for large corporations and online-based businesses, small businesses, contractors, and firms are now realizing the benefits of having a strong online presence. It’s no longer something you can do by yourself, building a website is a must to stay ahead of your competitors. Lux Digital Marketing, based in Saint Petersburg, is the best local Clearwater digital marketing company. We’ve delivered results for many happy customers around the world! Digital marketing can be complicated. We’re going to show you how we combine them to bring you more revenue.

High-Quality Web Design

A website is the most important element of digital marketing. This is because it allows you to make your mark on the internet. Without a website, your website won’t be found in Google search results or anywhere else. Although there are many website platforms (also called backends), you can only use WordPress to build your website. WordPress is an incredible platform because it is constantly being improved by a community of web developers. You can find thousands of WordPress addons that are created by users. These add-ons help to make your website load faster and Google index your pages more quickly. All these things will help you be more visible online. WordPress is easy to optimize. This is the second step in the digital marketing process.

Search Engine Optimization

Lux’s main service is search engine optimization (or SEO). Search engine optimization is the process of getting your site to rank higher in relevant Google search results. Google receives a lot of traffic every second, this is why it’s so imperative to hire a Clearwater SEO company. If you don’t optimize your website for this purpose, there are many potential leads that slip through the cracks each day. This is best understood by visualizing it. Imagine yourself as a homeowner who wants to install solar panels in Miami. You will most likely search Google for information about solar contractors in Miami. We are willing to wager a lot that they will want their website to appear for those keywords. This is exactly the goal of Clearwater SEO. We work to make your website more visible in searches that relate to your product or services. The results of SEO campaigns can be amazing. In just 3-4 months, we were able to double or even triple the number of calls coming from businesses via online sources. Google has more business than ever, so it is vital to use this traffic to grow your business.

Are you looking for the best local Clearwater digital marketing company? Lux Digital Marketing can help you. We excel at improving the positions of our clients on Google search results pages. Let us do that for you. Get in touch with us today!