Unique SEO for Roofing Companies

Unique SEO for Roofing Companies

Unique SEO for roofing companies aids roofers to rank for industry keywords in Google Search. Rankings are becoming more difficult to attain as the industry becomes more competitive. Many roofing contractors become frustrated with the process. This could be whether they use a third-party marketing company, or perform their own SEO. There are some unique SEO tips that can help roofing companies maintain their sanity and generate leads. Keep reading if you want to leverage your roofing business!

What is SEO for Roofers?

SEO for roofers refers to a series of techniques that improve visibility and rankings in organic search results. SEO tasks include keyword research, on-page optimization, technical refinement, and user experience enhancement.

How Do Roofers Use SEO?

SEO can be used by roofing contractors through their websites and local business listings like Google My Business. Ranking high in organic search results can bring you free roofing leads.

SEO, unlike paid ads, is long-lasting, affordable, and generates excellent ROI.

Different Types of SEO for Roofing Businesses

Organic SEO

Organic SEO was once all that was needed to rank high in Google search results. While there have been many SERP features that Google has added over the years to their search results, organic SEO is still the best way to optimize your website. You want to rank organically in search results for your primary website. You will want to rank for keywords related to your industry, as well as local keywords.

Local SEO

Over the years, local SEO has steadily grown and is now an essential part of any SEO strategy for roofing companies. Local optimization is crucial for online success. Map Pack results are ranked higher than traditional organic results for most local searches. For roofing contractors, it is important to consider brand reputation as a local SEO factor.

Here Are Our Effective SEO Tips for Roofers

1. Domains Make a Difference

The roofer’s website address or domain is one of the most important components of a successful unique SEO strategy for roofing companies. Many roofers believe that any domain can rank in Google. Although you can create a domain completely from scratch, it takes at least 12 months for it to rank for important keywords in most cases.

Many companies have domains that haven’t been updated in years. Some companies have a website that is still active, but they have not invested in an effective SEO strategy. Check with your registrar for information on your domain age. Domains that are already in use have a better chance of being ranked quickly, especially if they possess these qualities:

  • Age: Domains that were registered more than a year ago rank higher.
  • Backlinks: Domains that have an existing backlink profile rank higher.
  • Keywords: Domains containing keywords in their web address rank higher.
2. Not All Content Is Useful

A common misconception in SEO is that content is the king. It is believed that writing lots of content will guarantee a website a high ranking. It is not true. Your rankings can be affected by thin content. Roofing sites can be hurt by 300-word blog posts. This is especially true if they are related to topics already covered on your website. A 500 words blog post is a good starting. Blog posts can be as successful as 400 words or 350 words or 300 words. However, 500 words proved to be a breaking point. This was the number that was most likely to rank higher than others and could also be used to generate a lot of traffic.

3. Local Links Are Vital

When it comes to “follow” and “no follow” links, roofing companies often get lost in the confusion about location. A follow link from a “St Pete SEO” website is better than a follow link from a local director. Roofers can also benefit from industry-related links.

Google does not expect local roofing sites to have links from USA Today or Forbes, but they do value links from chambers of commerce in the area and other reliable institutions. A link from a regional directory is more relevant than a random national citation.

4. Google Map 3-Pack Is Key

Although ranking for organic terms is great, the local map pack receives the most clicks. Local roofers need to rank within the Map 3-Pack and have a Google My Business listing that includes online reviews. That way, prospects can easily compare your company to others in the same area. This is where most of the conversion happens.

Google’s Local Map algorithm takes into account 3 factors: relevance, proximity, and prominence. You cannot influence the proximity of your location unless you change your address. Relevance is the relationship between your company name and the searcher’s intent. Predominance, on the other hand, looks at your reputation, reviews, as well as your attached URL.

5. Prioritizing User Experience

Some roofers lose sight of the fact that SEO is a method of marketing. SEO is a key component of ensuring a great user experience. Site speed, navigation, and internal linking are all important aspects. Moreover, quality content is the most essential.

Our SEO Services for Roofing Companies

If you are a roofer and want to stand out from the competition, we encourage you to consider unique SEO for roofing companies. SEO can help you to be visible in the eyes of consumers, and give you your own target audience. 

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