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Web Design Dunedin FLGet your website to the TOP of Google fast! With web design in Dunedin Fl, we will help you create a website that converts leads into sales! We can help you create an online presence that will drive traffic, educate potential customers, and convert them into leads. Our philosophy regarding local business websites is that bigger is better. The reach of your digital footprint directly affects your ability to generate leads, traffic, and phone calls.

Five pages plus a photo gallery are not enough anymore. Pretty graphics are not enough. You need better content, a bigger digital footprint, an automated social media platform, current website technology, effective analytics, and a more successful Dunedin web design.

We are Dunedin’s website designer and we understand the unique challenges that local businesses face. These challenges have been our problem for over ten years. We’ve learned what works for local businesses’ websites over the years. You’re not just hiring us to create pretty graphics, but a digital marketing partner.

Your Website Should Be Able to Make Your Phone Ring

It can take time to sort through all the options and be difficult to choose the right one for your company. Lux Digital Marketing specializes in creating websites that make your phone ring. Give us a call if that sounds appealing. If not, you can read on to find out more about the other options.

Dunedin Web Design: What Options?

You’ll find a variety of options when you browse competitor websites. Many websites offer multiple menus, as well as pages upon pages of information. Others use a few words and showcase images to do the heavy lifting. Some may only have a company name or a contact page. What direction should you go for your site? We’ve done the research and compiled the three options available for Dunedin web design to make it easier.

Option #1: Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Google search will return almost 500 million results for the keyword “website design free templates”. With so many resources at your disposal, it should be simple. Click on any of the links to see pre-built layouts and images, as well as directions. You can even find templates for ‘construction’ and ‘trade’ companies. You think “Alright,” but is free and simple. The DIY approach has many advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of DIY:
  • Low-Cost. The template is completely free and website maintenance and upkeep are very affordable. Hosting costs a few dollars per month.
  • No Experience Required. Most DIY templates don’t require technical knowledge. To build your website, you can drag and drop the content.
  • Speed. Simply click to download the template and fill in all the relevant information. Your company will be online within minutes.
The Disadvantages of DIY:
  • Opportunities Costs. DIY web design still has its costs. It will cost you to maintain the website online. Additionally, you’ll incur a loss of time as you move away from your business in order to design your site.
  • Maintenance. Websites can’t stay static in order to be useful. To keep your website current, you must update it with news and project photos. Your weekly task list can be cluttered with tasks such as managing your website.
  • No access to marketing support. When creating your Dunedin website design, it is important to consider search engine optimization (SEO). Content management systems allow potential customers to find relevant information and help customize content to their specific needs. These tools are not available within the DIY framework.
  • specific needs. These tools are not available within the DIY framework.

Our take: If you have the budget and time, a DIY site can help you get up and running quickly. However, your website might not be able to generate leads.

Web Design Dunedin FL

Option #2: Cookie-Cutter Contract

These “big box” website designers are probably familiar to you. These companies can create basic websites, customize images and deliver fast turnarounds. They rely on the same language and organization for their website designs. You think “Well, I’ll have custom photos and a quick turnaround. And they do the work.” It sounds like a great deal, right? The cookie-cutter contract path offers a few benefits… and some disadvantages.

The Cookie-Cutter Contract’s Advantages:
  • Moderate Cost. You can have your website designed for as low as $99 or $399 per month.
  • Speed. The cookie-cutter company can make your site live in a matter of days by using the same format for multiple clients.
  • Industry Customization. Cookie-cutter website designers can offer templates for trade and construction industries, just like DIY companies.
  • Content Management. These companies can also design your site and upload content.
  • Marketing Techniques and Tools. Cookie-cutter companies will help you organize your site to make it easy for customers to find. They will also make sure your website is submitted to search engines, and accessible from smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
The Cookie-Cutter Contract’s Disadvantages:
  • Inadequate ownership. Contract terms may specify that the company is responsible for your website, content, and domain name. Your website will be deleted if you terminate your contract.
  • No help with content. Cookies-cutter contracts allow for uploads of content but not creation. However, you will still be responsible each month for updating and writing content.
  • Low Return on Investment. You’ll pay $1,200 per year for a website that you don’t have, even at the $99 per month low price. Your website may look similar to other sites and even use the same language as competitors, which can make it less memorable.

Our take: With a lot of research you will find some good companies that have lower monthly fees because of their cookie-cutter approach. Most are just in it to make as many websites as they can, and maximize their profits. Because they are focused on quality and not quantity, they don’t care about adding value.

#3: Working with a Lux’s Web Design Experts

This approach allows you to hire either a Dunedin web designer or a graphic designer. A graphic designer can be skilled in website design and aesthetics. They will also be proficient with branding and visuals. Prices for graphic designers vary depending on where you live and their experience. A web design can cost as low as $1,000 or as high as $15,000.

Lux Digital Marketing, a local website designer, focuses on lead generation when creating websites. Our goals include creating relevant content, optimizing for search engines, and creating a digital footprint. Multi-faceted websites are often built with a call to action (CTA), encouraging visitors to send us a contact form or to call us.

The Advantages of a Devoted Web Designer:
  • Site Ownership. You own the site in its entirety and have paid all costs.
  • Customization. Your website will reflect you, your style, and your work. Your business will have unique content and graphics. Your site will clearly communicate how you are different from your competitors and why doing business is a good idea.
  • Robust Support. Lux Digital Marketing provides you with content, project portfolios, and lead tracking. As you do, we believe in long-term relationships.

Our take: Your website is just as important as your team and reputation. Your website can be considered a part of your company. Lux Digital Marketing is a Dunedin web design company that will help you to create a long-lasting and lead-generating asset.



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Our Web Design and Development Process 


Choosing The Right Dunedin FL Web Designer

These questions will help you gather data about key metrics when evaluating web designers for your site.

  • How can a designer get targeted traffic to their site? Targeted traffic means that consumers who visit your site are more likely to be interested.
  • How can traffic be converted into leads? Visitors will call you or complete a request for a quote.

These questions should be asked and answered.

  • Complete content is available in different formats. Your content should be varied because consumers learn differently. Your potential customers can see, hear and read about your services through blog posts, testimonials, and videos.
  • A large digital footprint. Your website’s digital footprint includes everything around it. This includes the establishment of a digital footprint through directory sites such as Angie’s List, a blog, and social media channels like YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook. These elements should show that you are sensitive to customer problems and help users find your website.
  • There are many Calls to Action (CTAs). Calls to action such as “call today for a free quote” or “contact us for a free consultation” encourage potential customers to visit your website. To grow your business, you’ll get an ongoing stream of leads.

Elements of a Good Website

Once you have confirmed that the Dunedin website design team can create a site that will generate leads, learn how they’ll handle these elements.

Hard-Working Content

Your site will get more visitors if you have meaningful content. Although search engine optimization (SEO) is often discussed by vendors, it’s not the same as writing content for a machine. Visitors won’t be able to find enough information about you even if you appear in a search.

What information does Lux Digital Marketing provide to help you find the right information?

  • Service pages. It is not enough to list all of the services that you offer. It is better to provide individual pages for each type of service that you offer. This will demonstrate your abilities and increase search engine visibility.
  • Location pages. We offer dedicated location pages for cities that you serve so potential customers can search by city.
  • Blog. Although we love to write, not everyone enjoys it. An active blog around frequently asked questions will generate traffic. 
  • Photos and video slideshows. One picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure to use them often.

Lux Digital Marketing offers this content and all. We provide between 25 to 50 pages of content per website. Our sites have 10 times more content than typical websites. This means that they generate more leads consistently.

Project Portfolios

We include video slideshows and photos in our content. However, we encourage customers to add project portfolios to their sites. Your portfolio is a visual representation that your potential customers can access whenever they need it.

Here’s an example of what we recommend as a project portfolio for a remodel:

  • Before-and-after visuals. Upload a photo of your starting point and up to 10 images showing the net results.
  • Give a brief description of the project. Describe the customer’s requirements and the approach you took to complete the project. Specific details that address customer questions are important.
  • Customer testimonial. Actual feedback is a way to reassure customers about working with your company.

Content Specific to the Location

We create location-specific content such as:

  • You can create service pages that are specific to your location. Your website should reflect the fact that you offer services in multiple cities. These are great for Google. This is a great way for you to increase your traffic.
  • Videos and project portfolios that are specific to a particular location. Visitors will see you in their area, which increases your credibility as a local supplier. This also increases search engine performance.

Lead Tracking Measurement

Although you have been receiving more requests for quotes and calls, you aren’t sure how many projects you have booked. Lux Digital Marketing makes it easy to determine the ROI of your investment in your website.

Google Analytics is included with every website we create to reap the key benefits of Google Analytics:

  • Visitors can be tracked. You will see how many people visited your site, what pages they viewed, how much time they spent on your site, and how they found it.
  • Website is refined. We use the data we collect to identify the structure and content elements that drive conversion. This learning is used to improve conversion rates and lead generation.

Call tracking, which uses a local number that is redirected to your company line, tracks the number of phone calls generated from the website. Your website must make the phone ring. Lux Digital Marketing can verify it by calling tracking.

A Larger Digital Footprint

Expanding your digital footprint means increasing your online presence and visibility through various channels such as social media, online directories, and search engines. This helps improve your visibility and reach to potential customers, increasing your online credibility and helping you establish a strong online reputation.

Dunedin Web Design: Wrapping Up

Choosing the right web designer can be a challenge, but it’s crucial for the success of your online presence. It all boils down to your goals for your website. If you only need a simple online presence, you might be able to do it yourself. However, if you want a high-performing website that generates leads and sales, it’s best to partner with a professional web design company.

Avoid big box providers that charge exorbitant fees for a subpar website.

Instead, choose Lux Digital Marketing – the web design partner that will help you create an online identity that showcases your brand and drives results. With our expertise and passion for web design, we’ll make sure your phone rings with new business opportunities.

We want you to have the best website ever!

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Lux Digital Marketing is a web design company based in Florida that specializes in creating stunning, user-friendly websites for small businesses. Our team of experts understands the importance of having a strong online presence and the impact it can have on your business’s success. We use the latest design trends and technologies to create custom websites that not only look great but also provide a seamless user experience for your customers.

If you’re looking to give your business a boost in today’s digital age, look no further than Lux Digital Marketing. We offer affordable, high-quality web design services in Dunedin, FL that can help you attract new customers, establish a strong online brand, and increase your revenue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a better, more successful online presence.

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