What is Web Design?

Web design is one of the leading factors in business growth based on the ability for customers and prospects to be able to engage and take action with your company online. Web Design is at the core of the entire customer experience, and with a powerful strategy for your website, you’ll be able to take you business to new heights.

4 Facts You Need to Know About Web Design

1. Design dictates where users will focus on your website

Successful websites with a clear and scannable layout have a 47% usability improvement. (Neilson)

2. There’s a big difference between mobile design and responsive design

“Mobile Design” is restrictive. It serves up a separate, and often limited, version of your website that can be used on smartphones and tablets.

“Responsive Design” is extremely flexible, allowing websites to resize and reflow their layout based on the visitor’s screen size. This gives visitors a consistent experience from large-screen, high-resolution monitors all the way to the smallest smartphone touchscreens, while also having an experience that is suited to each of those individual devices.

3. All Web Browsers render differently

When you look at a website from your home computer using Google Chrome, it might be a completely different experience than your friend has when she browses the same website through Safari on her iPhone.

4. A two-year-old website may be too old

To remain current and relevant, digital professionals must stay on top of the latest coding standards, browser compatibility updates, and search engine algorithms. An outdated website runs the risk of not displaying properly in the web browser, having unexpected formatting issues, or not showing up effectively in search engine results



A successful SEO strategy is about building a company’s online presence. Lux’s first step will be to audit your current website and SEO tactics to determine what you are currently doing right and what we need to do to improve upon your program. In this audit we examine what things are being done wrong and we will undo or fix any bugs. During our audit, we will look at the following:

Monthly Web Plans

With our monthly web plans, we focus on what we’re great at, so you can focus on what you’re great at: running your business.

We take out all the guess work that comes with running a website, by committing ourselves to being your on-call, full-service web team. Our business is to help your business.  We do so by managing your entire website, from the content management, to security checks, to daily updates, and we even take care of hosting.

Hiring an in-house developer is often times the mostly costly, but most necessary asset when managing a reputable website and online brand. We provide the solutions for affordability and dependability with our monthly web plans. The plans are a fraction of the price of the salary of a web developer, and since we help build your website from the ground up get to know your website like the back of our hand and are confident in providing dependable service.

What Others Are Saying

Kristian and his Team are next to nothing when it comes to advertising and growing your online presence. They were able to dissect what areas we were engaging with the most and convert them to new business in what seemed like no time with their SEO methods. They also helped with getting us organically ranked on google on the page #1 which was an increase from our previous position on page #17 of a google search . Will definitely using them again in the future!
Lux digital definitely took my business a new level. The amount of inquiries and new clientele I have acquired since hiring Lux has been amazing. Serious game changer! They are easy to work with and always have your best interest in mind. If you are looking to step up your business to the next level, I would definitely hire lux digital. Thanks Kristian!
We went from having no search engine visibility to ranking for highly searched keywords. They are great at SEO! this increased visibility has led to more clicks to our site.

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