What Is Contractor SEO?

What Is Contractor SEO

When promoting general contracting services, contractor SEO is a marketing strategy that uses both on-page SEO elements (blogs, etc.) as well as off-page SEO (link building). Because search engines run on algorithms, it is important to employ a variety of SEO strategies and techniques. These algorithms determine how search engines find your website. They crawl the site copy and metadata and index all that content.

SEO is a set of four principles that every general contractor should focus on. These are:

1. Content

Your contractor SEO strategy should start with creating content. Everything that is related to how you market your brand online is called content. Your home page, blog posts, and landing page copy are all content. Keyword research will drive a business’s content strategy. We will discuss this in a bit.

2. Local SEO

SEO as a whole helps to make your brand visible online for any search term. Local SEO is the emphasis on your brand’s promotion within your local area. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses looking to rank higher in Google maps search results for their local market. Google will display a map showing local businesses that offer services for keyword searches that include specific markets.

3. Technical SEO

This is where you should focus your efforts on making sure that your website design and each web page are technically sound. This includes metrics such as the speed of your website, Core Web Vials, and usability on smartphones.

High-resolution images are a common feature on contractors’ websites. It is important that these images do not slow down your website or discourage users from visiting your different landing pages and submitting submission forms.

4. Link Building

Backlinks to your site from other websites show Google that you are trustworthy and relevant in your industry. Link building is about creating a strong backlink profile for multiple websites.

Which businesses are able to use SEO for contractors? Anybody who provides general contractor services. This includes electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and remodelers as well as roofers, roofers, and other professionals.

SEO tailored for contractors is a great option. It can be used by any construction company, large or small. This is a great way to stay relevant in the digital world and reach your target audience where they want to consume information. It also allows you to keep within your budget.

SEO Benefits For Contractors

This is why every general contractor and builder should invest in a strong SEO strategy.

Brand Awareness and Authority

Google’s goal to crawl millions upon millions of websites to provide useful information to all searchers is to make it easier for them to do so. This is why most search results on Google are only displayed to consumers. They seldom click on page 2.

If your website isn’t optimized correctly and does not rank well for the relevant keywords your audience is searching for, it will not be found. However, if your website ranks on the first page of multiple keywords related to your industry, it will gradually but surely increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

High-Quality Organic Search Traffic

It’s a well-known fact that contractors can drive organic search traffic to your site in large numbers. Search engine optimization does not guarantee instant leads. It’s a slow game that takes patience.

It will generally take around three months for search engines to begin crawling and indexing your content. You’ll start to see quality traffic convert if your content ranks on the first page for relevant searches. It is well worth the wait if you do your contractor SEO right!

It Saves Time and Money

Organic search leads are actually more cost-effective than clicking on Google Ads campaigns. Targeting search intent is a better method to reach your target audience than contextual advertising. SEO can help you reach the right audience by putting your brand in front of them.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Contractors and construction firms with larger budgets may be able to stand out in your local search results. However, a bigger marketing budget does not always guarantee the best results. A well-optimized website with a lot of backlinks can make a big difference in your competitive advantage.

Offers Solutions for Your Target Audience

Your content marketing goal should be to answer consumers’ questions before they ask them. Your website should increase conversions. However, informational material should be provided to your audience.

Consumers are searching for solutions to their problems. They will find authoritative websites no matter where they are in the marketing funnel. If you provide consumers with the contracting solutions and answers that they need, they will be more likely to convert.

Contractors Can Use Local SEO

Contractors know how important it can be to dominate your local market. Not only are qualified customers more likely to be located in your area, but it also makes it difficult for contractors to depend on repeat customers.

Google My Business Profile for Contractor SEO

  • Become Google verified. Google verifies your website and gives it a stamp of approval. This makes it easier for Google web crawlers to find and index your pages.
  • React to customer reviews. The reviews are extremely important for any business’s survival. Because potential customers are more inclined to choose a business that has a high rating. Ranking in Google is also dependent on reviews. You have the opportunity to reply to local customers regardless of whether their review was positive or negative. Responding to reviews can help you build your competitive advantage.
  • Create citations. Citations are listings on an online directory like Yelp. Citations are useful business tools for local SEO, and they can also be helpful to your customer. They can also increase your brand’s reputation.

The Top 4 SEO Strategies For Builders and Contractors

These SEO strategies can help improve your website’s rankings and boost your online presence.

1. Make Sure The Website Is User-friendly

Website visitors are likely to click on the first site they see in a Google search. However, they won’t stay with a website that has a poor user experience. Your website should be fast. Web design should be simple to understand and follow. Every page must be mobile-friendly.

2. Create Consistent Content

Without a lot of content, a content marketing strategy will only get you so far. You must produce high-quality content on a regular schedule, whether you are looking for new clients or returning customers. You will need to create an editorial calendar for your blog and social media posts. This also applies to other content elements such as podcasts, infographics, and videos. Your customers will be able to trust you to provide the content they need. Consistency is a great way of doing this.

3. Off-Page SEO

Google’s algorithm does not only look at your website. It also considers your online reputation. It is important to make sure your efforts are not limited to creating consistency on on-page SEO. This will impact your website’s authority and search rank, regardless of whether you do this via social media or local listings. This is also very simple and will not take too much time.

4. Track and Measure Your Performance

If you don’t measure and track your SEO performance, you won’t have the ability to create a great strategy. Google Analytics is one of many free tools that can show you the inside of your website. These tools give you insight into how customers interact with your brand.

To monitor SEO strategies and to get an idea of your website’s performance, you will want to regularly check your analytics. Next, analyze your monthly performance, test new digital marketing strategies, and then see what happens.

Last Thoughts

SEO is a trend that will not be going away anytime soon. Make sure you get on board the digital marketing train and make your online presence grow! Contractors need to take advantage of the SEO benefits. Our LUX Digital Marketing team can help you with keyword research, improving your backlinks, boosting local SEO, and even improving the technical aspects of your website.

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