What to Expect from an SEO Company for Window Cleaning

SEO Company for Window Cleaning

Boost your window cleaning business with the best SEO company, Lux Digital Marketing. We specialize in straightforward, impactful SEO strategies to increase your online presence and attract more customers. With our help, your business will not only look great but also be more visible to those who need your services. Let’s elevate your digital footprint and get you noticed.

Local SEO

When people search for local businesses like window cleaners, they see two types of results: regular and map pack. It’s possible to rank in both. This guide focuses on optimizing your website for organic search results. You’ll also need a well-optimized Google Business Profile to rank high in map packs.

How to Get Started

  1. Create a  Google Business Profile for free
  2. To create one, visit Google.com/business.
  3. Optimize your profile
  4. Fill in as many details as possible, including what types of window cleaning services you provide.
  5. Get reviews
  6. Ask customers to rate your business, which will help you achieve a higher ranking.

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SEO Company for Window Cleaning

Keyword Research

Not everyone starts their search for “window cleaners” on Google. Some search for specific services like high-rise or skylight cleaning, while others want to know the cost. If you don’t rank for these keywords, you’re missing out on customers. To understand what people are looking for in window cleaning services, you’ll need a tool like Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. These tools gather keyword ideas, search volumes, and other SEO metrics from a huge database of billions of keywords.

How to Get Started

  1. Use a few “seed” phrases related to your industry: Window, skylight, and window cleaning.
  2. Choose keyword ideas
    For example, “Matching Terms” will show all ideas that contain your seed keyword.
  3. See keyword ideas
    In the U.S., approximately 250 searches per month are from “How much is window cleaning?”

Content Creation

As a professioanl SEO company for window cleaning, knowing what people search for is crucial. Keyword research helps, but only if you use it to make pages focusing on those terms. In the US, there are about 1.5K searches monthly for “professional window cleaning.” It’s hard to rank for this exact term since your homepage likely summarizes your services. 

You’re better off aiming for broader terms like “window cleaners” or “window cleaning services.” Also, consider creating content answering questions like “How much is window cleaning?” To rank well for these terms, target the right audience.

How to Get Started

  1. Create landing pages for your services.
    Residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning are examples.
  2. Create blog posts that answer questions
    How much does window cleaning cost?

Link Building

Backlinks are links that let you move from one site to another. Google values backlinks highly, and having more can improve your rankings and organic traffic. For competitive keywords, you’ll usually need backlinks to rank well. 

For instance, the keyword “How much does window cleaning cost” has a Keyword Difficulty score of 26 out of 100, meaning it’s moderately challenging. To rank on the first page for this term, you’ll likely need to build backlinks. Link building is a tough part of SEO, but there are proven methods to help you get links.

How to Get Started

  1. Look at the top 10 ranking pages for your target keyword
  2. Find their backlinks
  3. Find replicable backlinks
SEO Company for Window Cleaning

Technical SEO

All the previous steps are pointless if Google doesn’t find, crawl, and index your pages. Without being in the index, your pages won’t show up in search results. For instance, if you write a blog post on window cleaning pricing to target the keywords “how much does window cleaning cost” Google won’t index it if it contains certain code, even if it’s the best guide online. However, it’s unlikely that any pages you create for search purposes will have this code. Other technical issues can affect search performance.

How to Get Started

  1. Audit your website.
  2. Check your Health Score. 
  3. Investigate and fix technical issues.

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