Why Is Google Ranking The Wrong Page?

Why Is Google Ranking The Wrong Page

Why Is Google Ranking The Wrong Page?

If you have spent some time properly optimizing your page and you’re excited to finally post your content, you may just assume that you are able to start seeing the traffic flowing in for your page. After you know your page is indexed and you start making searches for your page, you may notice that a few other competitors have made it to the top of the results. The reason for this may be that someone is stealing your optimization work and making it their own. Here are some top explanations for why Google is ranking the wrong page.

If your search engine results are not showing up it means that Google likely has set another page ahead of your post in terms of rankings. The main reason that Google has decided to create a more plausible search engine result on another page comes down to a system called keyword cannibalization. This has to do with search intent directly.

Search Intent And Mismatches

One reason that your page may be showing up incorrectly comes down to a mismatch in search intent. If possible you could have done the keyword research and produced an informative article about a product that you intend to sell but someone else could have a different intent than could place their content ahead of yours. If your page seems to sales-focused or you’re simply not trying to inform your audience, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to see traffic from the keywords that people are placing in to find the answer to various inquiries. 

The Keyword Cannibalization Process

Keyword cannibalization occurs when a competitor goes through your page in an effort to rank for the same search queries. This means that a competitor will likely go through your page and steal your keyword research to then cannibalize your content on a higher ranking or higher authority page. If higher authority webpages are able to cannibalize your content, they can often send your hard-researched content to the bottom of search engine results. 

How to Fix Keyword Cannibalization

If you have suspected that your site could be suffering from keyword cannibalization it’s very important that you conduct the applicable research with your analytics to discover how Google is ranking your competitor. Using tools like Yoast and Google analytics can help you to determine where traffic is coming in from a specific keyword and if you may have various pages that are competing for the same keyword in your market. If you continue to suspect this issue and you notice that the content is extremely similar to your own, you could consider opening up a copyright claim against the page to obtain your ranking back again. 

Internal Linking

Using interlinking can also be a powerful strategy for fixing keyword cannibalization. Accessing similar pages on your site and increasing your rankings by having a set amount for internal linking will make sure that bots will have an easier time linking together keywords on your page. Pages that have plenty of internal links will get more visits from Google search engine crawlers and it will often lead to better engagement on your posts for the future. 

The context of these internal links needs to have a linked strategy or a series of linked keywords. As you continue to link pages together and get keywords that are close to one another, it can rank the pages for your website or particular post much higher than some of your competitors. 

How To Start Building Your Internal Linking Set Up

If you are writing multiple articles of subjects that are somewhat similar you need to consider an internal linking strategy. Building a site structure and considering the way that you are going to link together these articles will make sure that you can cannibalize your own content and make it stronger. Build a site structure on paper and then consider the way that you are going to link together various posts as well as your plan post for the future. This can make navigation much easier on your site and ensure that Google search engine crawlers can make short work indexing new content on the website that you post. 

If You Have a Well Established Website

Working with a professional plug-in for internal linking structure can be an excellent paid tool to repair your website. You could also consider working with a professional developer to improve the renewed internal linking structures so that you can have a much easier sitemap. If you have a well-established website with hundreds of posts to link together, it can take time to find a connection between them all. Having posts without internal links or leaving some posts out may require other types of editing such as post removal or editing before you can handle the internal linking. Working with a professional to receive a site audit is usually the best way that you can enjoy greater success with an internal link strategy.

If you suspect that Google is ranking your posts incorrectly, be sure to check the analytics, optimize your site, and received professional assistance if it is required. Contact us today to receive professional assistance!