WordPress SEO Checklist: 10 Tips to Improve Your Rankings

Wordpress SEO Checklist 10 Tips to Improve Your Rankings

WordPress SEO Checklist:  Tips to Improve Your Rankings

One of the main reasons that many site owners choose WordPress as their chosen content management system is because it can be fairly friendly for achieving a better search engine ranking even in its base configuration. WordPress has some incredible features and it’s a product that can be extremely SEO friendly once you start to configure a series of plug-ins for the system as well. If you are interested in improving your SEO with some optimization improvements for your page, here is a WordPress SEO checklist that you can use to experience improvements on your page:

Make Sure You Are Using A Reliable Website Host

Whether you’re starting a website or looking at ways to optimize your website, examining the host of your website is an excellent way that you can improve your SEO from a service perspective. In order to make sure that your site will rank well you need to make sure that you are maintaining quality uptime, security, and getting good site speed. Without a reliable host, it might be difficult for you to access all of these features on your site.

Check On Your Site Visibility Sections

WordPress gives sites the ability to maintain their privacy by discouraging search engines from indexing the website. This checkmark is usually turned off but it often used if you’ve had a WordPress site developed with content that’s not complete. When you are ready to launch your website, make sure that your site’s visibility settings are open so that your site can be properly indexed.

Having A Preferred Domain

Making sure that your site is accessible on a preferred domain from the settings feature is important. You also need to make sure that all domain versions will be redirected to your preferred domain as this is the main domain that you will want to rank for on a search engine.

Use The Right Plug-Ins

Before you go through the process of optimizing your website you need to make sure that you’re installing and using SEO plug-ins. Some of the main plug-ins that are used on the WordPress platform include Yoast and the all in one SEO pack. The plug-ins won’t automatically optimize your website but they will provide you with tools on the administrative side of your WordPress site that will help you to properly optimize your page and each new post.

Focus On Optimized Meta-Descriptions And Title Tags

Meta-descriptions and title tags are one of the most important rating factors for your content. Plug-ins like Yoast will help you to use properly optimized keywords in this section of your website. It can teach you how to write the perfect title tag and meta-description for each one of your posts.

Make Sure Your Theme Is SEO Friendly

There are a number of themes on WordPress that are designed with a responsive design and made to quickly load. There are thousands of free themes to choose from but you’ll notice that some of the older themes on WordPress may not have been updated to meet current SEO standards.

Start Doing Keyword Research

Without proper keyword research, it’s going to be difficult for you to rank your pages based on various search terms. You need to be optimizing your site’s content appropriately and this means performing keyword research to plan the on-page optimization strategy. Using a keyword research tool will help you to identify key terms and keywords that you should be optimizing your pages too.

Create URLs For Each Page

As a default setting word press will not create a title on each URL. If you know the main keyword that you’re going to be targeting on the page, make sure that it’s included in the title of your page and make sure that this is reflected in the URL for the page as well. There are plug-ins that can help you automatically title URLs across your website and making this change can lead to some massive improvements with indexing your content.

Improve Your Content With A Writing Assistant

Using an SEO writing assistant will help to make sure that your content is well optimized and structured in a way that’s friendly for search engines. There are numerous plug-ins available that can help you with this task and they can help you recommend additional keywords as well as improve the quality of your writing. Using a plug-in that also provides you with plagiarism checks can add value and make sure that your content will not suffer as a result of sections of it being copied or in competition.

Use Google Search Console And A Proper XML Site Map

There are a series of plug-ins on WordPress that can generate an automatic XML site map. You can verify your site map on Google through the Webmaster tools and with a proper XML site map that’s regularly updated. Google search engine crawlers will be able to make their way through your site much more efficiently. This can improve your position in the search queue and make sure that your newest content will rank faster.

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