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Increasing Your Online Visibility

Bringing visibility to search engines through innovative marketing strategies.


Welcome to Lux Digital Marketing

Over 70% of customers will search for your product or service online before making a purchase. The question is are they going to find your business or your competitors? A website is not a “marketing expense” in 2018 – it’s a necessary investment to succeed in today’s digital world. Lux’s goal is to help clients grow their business by increasing their online visibility on search engines for when their product or service is searched. We do this through creating an online image through web design and then driving traffic to their website using search engine optimization and PPC Campaigns.


We know what it’s like to be where you are right now. It’s easy for digital marketing to get confusing, which is why we’re here to help!


Every team member brings a different skill set to the table and together have successfully built and optimized several websites that led to increases in client online revenue!

Kristian D’An is our SEO specialist. Having been involved in start ups himself led Kristian to learning SEO. His passion is to help other entrepreneurs successfully launch and optimize their business online. One of the most fulfilling feelings is putting someone in a position to be successful! He has been providing SEO services for 5 years and has successfully helped several clients achieve the first position on Google for highly searched keywords.
MARK LOMBARDI-NELSONAutomation Specialist
Mark is a Florida native with an intrinsic desire to give to his community and make a focused impact in every part of life. He’s obsessively ambitious, always looking to do the right things for his customers, community, and family.

Things he enjoys outside of business: Cooking, Kitesurfing, Dancing, Playing Music, and Ping Pong.

MATT FOREMANWeb Specialist
Matt has a passion for creative problem solving and a determination for success that has led him to the start-up world. His aim is to better the lives of all those who allow him to, and he wants to do so through entrepreneurship. He enjoys working with others that have various skills and talents, and coordinating everyone to work harmoniously as a finely tuned machine.

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Don’t have a website yet? Send us a brief message about your business! Have a website, but not sure how it is performing? Request a website audit where you can see how your website is performing on search engines!