The Lux team were complete professionals, their SEO expertise was top-notch, they were always available for any questions, and their prices were reasonable.


Who We Are

Lux is a St Pete SEO focused digital marketing company specializing in search engine optimization and responsive web design. We have helped dozens of businesses generate millions in revenue by getting them to the top position on Google for the product or service that they sell. Through custom responsive website designs and white hat SEO tactics, it is Lux’s mission to help increase your online visibility so you generate more business. Why pay for leads when you can cut out the middle man and generate the leads directly to your website? In a rapidly increasing technology world, 92% of people search Google for goods, service, and info. Whenever you are looking for something the first thing we all do is Google it on our phones. Specializing in making sure your business is visible when people search has allowed us to successfully increase our client’s sales.

Our Services





St Pete SEO

If you are in St. Pete or even in the US and looking for search engine optimization then we are the team that you need. Our company works with businesses in several industries across the US. We have become a trusted SEO service in a state of Florida for helping people get #1 for their product or service, gain more traffic, and turn them into leads. We understand Google’s algorithm and over the last 7 years we have perfected the tasks needed to be performed to influenced the algorithm in your favor. It’s not rocket science its math and we got it down to the T !

Our SEO in St. Pete:

We specialize in a number of online services for search engine optimization including assistance with:

  • Local SEO: We will optimize your Google My Business so you come up top three on the Google Map pack. Whenever you Google a local product/service there is a map at the top of the results that lists 3 businesses. We want you to be #1 of 3!
  • Increased Organic Results: Under the map you will find the organic results which is where consumers really shop. About 80% of users will scroll past the paid for ads and only look at the organic results. If your business is not listed in the top 3 results organically you are missing out on a TON of revenue for your business. We have successfully gotten dozens of business to this position increasing their revenue.
  • Maximizing revenue: we use proven marketing strategies and perform on-site optimization tasks to help you reach your customers and boost sales to the fullest extent. It’s our goal to help you generate more revenue and work at taking your business to the next level of success. 
  • Increasing your traffic: working with us for your St Pete SEO ensures you will be receiving relevant and organic traffic for all of your pages. 
  • Improving your brand recognition: We are a highly brand oriented website that can help you to start appearing more often in search results for any niche specific keywords. We can help you work on your local search engine optimization for St. Pete and make sure that you’re more relevant brand in the area. 
  • Competitor research: We provide assistance with close competitor research. We want to make sure that you can always remain one step ahead and monitor your competitors for proper conversion on weaknesses in their SEO strategy.
  • Monthly reports: we provide monthly SEO audits in St. Pete to ensure your company can constantly have new goals to strive for. We want to form a lasting relationship and help you discover new ways that you can improve. 

We Are Result Driven

Our St Pete SEO professionals have developed strategies that are approved by Google and designed to help you increase your online visibility. We want to ensure that you can improve your rankings throughout major search engines and with years of experience. 

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What sets us apart?

Whether you are seeking improved rankings in search engines, improvements for your page visits or simply improvements for your leads, we can make sure that you succeed in your mission by getting you on the top results page of Google. We do not speak off of theory. We have a proven track record of getting our clients more leads by getting them visibility to the users searching for their product or service. 

The process of marketing today requires an entirely new toolbox in order to properly compete. With the algorithm constantly changing on a daily basis we make sure to stay on top of any changes needed to influence these new updates. Companies like ours can make sure that your SEO needs can be handled as efficiently as possible. We are conversion and optimization experts and we can provide invaluable market research that will help you build a spot for yourself within your niche.

We work with companies across St. Pete and the US. We do not work on just local campaigns but also national and even international campaigns. We hear about your needs first and understand your goals as a business. We build a successful SEO strategy around those needs where they meet user search behaviors. You can trust our staff to provide assistance across each one of your websites or web projects. Just check our reviews! By using only the highest quality traffic and optimization techniques we can work to make sure your page will continue to consistently rank higher. 

Client Testimonials

What Others Are Saying

Kristian and his Team are next to nothing when it comes to advertising and growing your online presence. They were able to dissect what areas we were engaging with the most and convert them to new business in what seemed like no time with their SEO methods. They also helped with getting us organically ranked on google on the page #1 which was an increase from our previous position on page #17 of a google search . Will definitely using them again in the future!
Lux digital definitely took my business a new level. The amount of inquiries and new clientele I have acquired since hiring Lux has been amazing. Serious game changer! They are easy to work with and always have your best interest in mind. If you are looking to step up your business to the next level, I would definitely hire lux digital. Thanks Kristian!
We went from having no search engine visibility to ranking for highly searched keywords. They are great at SEO! this increased visibility has led to more clicks to our site.

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